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Raja Festival in Odisha 2024 Date, Pahili Raja, Raja Sankranti, Sesa Raja

Posted on June 7, 2024

The Raja festival, celebrated in Odisha, is a vibrant and unique three-day event that marks the onset of the monsoon and the fertility of the earth. It is observed with great enthusiasm, particularly by women and girls, who celebrate it with joy and traditional rituals.

Raja Festival in Odisha 2024 Dates

Pahili Raja: June 14, Friday | Raja Sankranti: June 15, Saturday.

Day 1: Pahili Raja

The festival begins with “Pahili Raja,” the first day, symbolizing the beginning of the celebration. On this day, women and girls observe various customs, including wearing new clothes, applying traditional alata (red dye) on their feet, and adorning themselves with jewelry. They refrain from any household work, symbolizing a break for Mother Earth, who is believed to be menstruating.

Day 2: Mithuna Sankranti

The second day, “Mithuna Sankranti,” signifies the transition of the sun into the Mithuna (Gemini) constellation, marking the arrival of the rainy season. This day is the most significant and is celebrated with much fervor. Girls enjoy playing on swings, singing folk songs, and participating in traditional games. Special dishes are prepared, including pithas (rice cakes) like poda pitha, arisa pitha, and chakuli pitha, which are enjoyed by everyone.

Day 3: Bhu Daaha or Basi Raja

The final day, “Bhu Daaha” or “Basi Raja,” marks the end of the festival. The customs of relaxation and festivities continue, with women engaging in more traditional activities and rituals. The significance of this day is to give rest to the earth, symbolizing respect for nature and its cycles.

Throughout the festival, there is a strong emphasis on community bonding and cultural heritage. Women take a break from their regular chores, engage in leisure activities, and celebrate the natural cycles of the earth. The Raja festival highlights the importance of nature, fertility, and the role of women in traditional Odia society.

Overall, the Raja festival is a time of joy, tradition, and cultural celebration, bringing together people of all ages to honor the earth and its bounties.

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