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Purnima in May 2024 Date: Vaisakha Purnima Significance, Rituals

Posted on May 19, 2024

Vaisakha Purnima, also known as Buddha Purnima, is a significant day in the Hindu and Buddhist calendars. This auspicious day falls on the full moon in the month of Vaisakha, which usually occurs in April or May. It holds immense religious and cultural importance, marking key events in the lives of many spiritual traditions.

Purnima in May 2024 falls on May 23, Thursday.
Tithi Time: May 22, 6:48 pm to May 23, 7:23 pm.

Significance in Hinduism

In Hinduism, Vaisakha Purnima is celebrated as the day of Lord Vishnu’s third incarnation, as the boar Varaha. It is also believed to be the birthday of Sage Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Devotees observe fasts and engage in charitable activities, seeking blessings for prosperity and spiritual growth.

Significance in Buddhism

For Buddhists, Vaisakha Purnima, or Buddha Purnima, commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha. This tri-fold celebration makes the day exceptionally sacred. Buddhists across the world participate in various rituals, including prayer meetings, meditation sessions, and visits to monasteries. They also engage in acts of kindness, such as feeding the poor and releasing captive animals, symbolizing the values of compassion and non-violence taught by Buddha.

Celebrations and Rituals

Hindu Celebrations

  1. Fasting and Prayers: Devotees observe fasting from sunrise to moonrise, breaking it only after sighting the full moon. Special prayers and hymns dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Sage Parashurama are recited.
  2. Charity: Acts of charity are encouraged, including donating food, clothes, and money to the needy.
  3. Bathing in Sacred Rivers: Taking a dip in holy rivers like the Ganges is considered purifying and meritorious.

Buddhist Celebrations

  1. Visiting Temples and Monasteries: Devotees visit temples and monasteries to offer prayers, light lamps, and make offerings to Buddha.
  2. Meditation and Chanting: Meditation sessions and chanting of Buddhist scriptures are integral parts of the celebration.
  3. Acts of Kindness: Buddhists engage in charitable activities, reflecting Buddha’s teachings on compassion and kindness.

Cultural Impact

Vaisakha Purnima is not just a religious observance but also a cultural event. In countries with significant Buddhist populations, such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Myanmar, the day is marked by public holidays and grand festivities. Parades, fairs, and cultural performances celebrating the life and teachings of Buddha are common.


Vaisakha Purnima is a day of deep spiritual significance, bringing together followers of Hinduism and Buddhism in celebration. It is a time for reflection, devotion, and acts of kindness, embodying the rich cultural and religious heritage of these traditions. Whether through fasting, prayer, meditation, or charity, devotees honor the teachings and legacies of their spiritual guides, seeking peace and enlightenment.

Purnima 2024 Dates List:

Pausa Purnima
January 25th, Thursday
Tithi Timing : Jan 24, 9:50 PM – Jan 25, 11:24 PM
Magha Purnima
February 24th, Saturday
Tithi Timing : Feb 23, 3:34 PM – Feb 24, 6:00 PM
Phalguna Purnima
March 25th, Monday
Tithi Timing : Mar 24, 9:55 AM – Mar 25, 12:30 PM
Chaitra Purnima
April 23rd, Tuesday
Tithi Timing : Apr 23, 3:26 AM – Apr 24, 5:18 AM
Vaisakha Purnima
May 23rd, Thursday
Tithi Timing : May 22, 6:48 PM – May 23, 7:23 PM
Jyeshta Purnima
June 22nd, Saturday
Tithi Timing : Jun 21, 7:32 AM – Jun 22, 6:37 AM
Ashadha Purnima
July 21st, Sunday
Tithi Timing : Jul 20, 6:00 PM – Jul 21, 3:47 PM
Sravana Purnima
August 19th, Monday
Tithi Timing : Aug 19, 3:05 AM – Aug 19, 11:55 PM
Bhadrapada Purnima
September 18th, Wednesday
Tithi Timing : Sep 17, 11:44 AM – Sep 18, 8:04 AM
Ashvina Purnima
October 17th, Thursday
Tithi Timing : Oct 16, 8:41 PM – Oct 17, 4:56 PM
Kartika Purnima
November 15th, Friday
Tithi Timing : Nov 15, 6:19 AM – Nov 16, 2:58 AM
Agrahayana Purnima
December 15th, Sunday
Tithi Timing : Dec 14, 4:59 PM – Dec 15, 2:31 PM

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